When the Ridley Scott classic "Alien" hit theaters in 1979, it reminded us that "in space, no one can hear you scream." It was a slow burn kind of film, starting with the discovery of a new planet known as LV-426, and then the tension built up to when John Hurt, having miraculously survived his encounter with a face-hugger, suddenly played host to the first chest-burster on film.

Hurt would go on to reprise his role with a similar scene in the Mel Brooks parody "Spaceballs," as his meal gave him the ultimate case of indigestion and he muttered, "not again..."

It was arguably James Cameron's "Aliens" which set the bar for the terror of the series, using the recurring theme of the threat you can't see until it's nearly on top of you.

He ramped up the terror by having a team of space marines go in with a full arsenal, only to prove that they were no match for a single alien.

After 'Alien 3,' it seems the series lost what made it special

"Alien 3" tried to amp up the terror once more by having a very visible xenomorph and a society of prisoners with no weapons, and in the end, it all came down to Ellen Ripley realizing that the alien inside her was the greatest threat. When Guillermo del Toro took over for "Resurrection," it was clear that the terror was lost. Not even Ron Perlman could save the franchise from an ensuing hiatus lasting years.

With "Prometheus," the franchise was given another chance to shine, and with Ridley Scott once again on board, "Alien Covenant" could bring the terror back to space.

Of course, Scott is doing more than just directing the latest film: He's re-releasing the original film which started it all in participating RPX Regal Cinema locations as a kind of friendly reminder that it wasn't always about CG effects and HD visuals.

20th Century Fox is totally behind Scott's decision

The studio behind the "Alien" series has announced April 26 as "Alien Day," with screenings at select Regal Cinema locations.

Fans who get into the re-release screening of the classic motion picture which started it all will see some exclusive footage ahead of the "Alien Covenant" release date. If you are among them, be considerate and leave the video cameras at home.

The latest film is set to hit theaters on May 19, and tickets for the screening of the original "Alien" go on sale today, April 18.

Are you excited to see the film which started it all and helped make Sigourney Weaver an action star in an industry dominated by men?