"Prison Break" fans, the long wait is over. The brothers are back. The highly acclaimed Fox Tv program returns tonight. The original series aired from 2005-2009, it has continued during the 8 year hiatus in netwbork television reruns, and also on Netflix. Twitter is off the chain with tweets of fans who are excited as they anticipate the premiere show for the new 5th season. Expectancy is in the air, and "Prison Break" lovers are anticipating a grand delivery.

The beginning

"Prison Break," was the saga of Michael Schofiled and his half brother Link.

Along with a motley crew, they escaped from one maximum security prison after another. They were shot at, framed for murder, betrayed each other and were betrayed by others, There were so many twists and turns that you never knew which direction the characters were headed. Each episode was fast-paced and riveting. Every week there were kidnappings, crooked cops, and unsavory politicians. The series kept viewers on the edge of their seats, always seeking more. When it ended with the death of Michael Schofiled, viewers felt as if it was not really the end, and luckily for the fans, it was not.

The boys and girl are back

Tonight, the wait is over. The boys, and girl are back. Eight years of unanswered questions will now be answered over 9 episodes of Season 5.

Link, T-Bag, Sarah, Benjamin Sucre, and Michael are on hand to thrill fans once more. The details of how Michael escaped the prison explosion should make for a great storyline, and he will get to meet his son, Michael Jr. Season 5 will no doubt be bolder, and push the boundaries way beyond the first 4 seasons.

Because of Netflix it was as if the show was never really off the air.

If it seems as if the explosion that allegedly took Michael Schofield's life was yesterday, it probably was. There is no doubt that season 5 will be a hit, just like the previous 4 seasons. Michael and Sarah probably will be on the run, and not get the fairytale happily ever after, but the action and suspense is exactly what keeps the fans coming back for more.