Ever since the start of the 2016 presidential election, Donald Trump has waged a war on the mainstream media. In the months since his inauguration, the president has only increased his war of words with the press, while using some of his advisers and associates as mouthpieces for his agenda.

Spicer on media

After Donald Trump insulted illegal immigrants from Mexico during his campaign announcement back in June 2015, the media quickly pounced and ignited the feud between the press and the president. As time went forward, the former host of "The Apprentice" received round-the-clock coverage from the press, despite the majority of the reporting being negative.

Trump would often lash out, which has continued to present day in his role as commander in chief. The president has gone as far as refer to any reports he doesn't' agree with as "fake news," calling out individual journalists or news outlets during his time on Twitter. The White House went even further in their backlash against the media earlier this year by banning several news outlets from taking part in a press briefing. As the press has focused on Trump's first 100 days in office over the last week, White House Press Secretary Sean Spicer has doubled down on the administration's feelings during a April 30 interview on Fox News.

Joining Fox News host Howard Kurtz during Sunday's "Media Buzz" was Sean Spicer.

After being pressed on the aforementioned rift between Donald Trump and the press, Sean Spicer appeared to lose his cool when voicing his frustration. "At some point, people have to give this president credit for accomplishing the things he has, instead of constantly questioning," Spicer said.

"They assume facts, they take narratives, and continue them that are clearly not true," Sean Spicer went on to say about the alleged "fake news" and "fake media." "A lot of times, the coverage is not fair," he continued.

Not stopping there, Spicer accused some members of the press of trying to "sensationalize things" and "drive narratives that are not fair or not consistent with the facts." Spicer's comments about factual information come at an ironic time as the White House has continued to face backlash for pushing "alternative facts." "They're the first ones to throw the stone and the last ones to admit fault," he noted.

Moving forward

Despite Sean Spicer, Donald Trump, and the rest of the administration complaining about the "fake media" unfairly attacking them, the American people don't seem to buying the excuse. The billionaire real estate mogul is sitting on just a 40 percent approval, as he tries to blame the media and his political opponents for the negatives that have occurred under his watch.