Shania Twain stormed the Stagecoach Country Music Festival at the Empire Polo Club Saturday night, April 29, and it was more than just her sheer and stylish take on attire that sparked the frenzy. The Canadian composer who invited the world to “Come on Over” had her first invitation as a headliner to the renowned musical stomping ground, and she was ready to show the world and anyone there that she was up for the challenge, and worth all the hype. This was a night fit for the return of a queen, and she returned the favor of all the fan love with a new song, and sang with Nick Jonas on another tune not often sung live.

Fringe and fine

Seeing Shania Twain at the Stagecoach venue had the feel of time-travel. Shania’s black fringe jacket was a perfect accent to the lacy leggings under short shorts. Her complimenting boots were made for walking as she ran through her catalog of old and newer favorites, never missing a beat.

“Life’s About to Get Good” was the new selection that Shania Twain chose to share. The tune doesn’t have the bubbly effervescence of some of the songstress’ past hits, but the message is all good and still Twain, reflecting on how the bad and shadowy days of life ultimately lead to the good ones. Shania emerged from the painful betrayal and dissolution of her 17 years with producer, Robert “Mutt” Lange with newfound strength and appreciation.

Working through any loss is a process, and that reality is reflected in the more melancholy mood of her forthcoming collection. Shania encouraged herself to take the reins for the record. Emotional strain resulted in a vocal condition of dysphonia. Lyme disease also contributed to the disorder.

In a Los Angeles Times feature, Shania Twain described her arduous process of regaining her voice, and compared it to that of performers with vocal nodules.

She noted that “rest, rest, rest” is the prescription for nodules, while her condition demands “work, work, work,” though a completely different exercise regimen. All her efforts are clearly paying off.

Girl crush for life

Some fans chattered that Nick Jonas seemed a little intimidated in Shania Twain's presence, but superstar Shania must have been keeping up with her younger admirer’s press comments.

Nick described seeing Twain’s Las Vegas show and being enraptured by her “You’re Still the One” rendition, as the singer nuzzled with a splendid white horse to match her flowing gown. Nick declared that the impression of that moment “sealed the deal” for this Jonas brother, “Shania Twain, lifetime crush."

Nick and Shania paired up to sing “Party for Two” from 2004. The song is not often a live treat, and fans had to feel plenty satisfied with how Shania Twain created a party for everyone at her Stagecoach premiere.

Shania is almost sure to be around in lots of places in the coming months. Her album is expected to be out in the fall.