Scott Baio continues to take hit after hit for his comments concerning former "Happy Days" star Erin Moran's death and now he has been publicly threatened by Moran's brother Tony Moran.

Erin Moran's brother reacts publicly to Scott Baio's comments on Erin's death.

Erin Moran, as previously reported passed away on Saturday at the age of 56 from complications of cancer. Despite Baio's apology for at believing media reports that Moran may have died from a drug overdose, he is still defending personal attacks on the social media. Erin's brother Tony Moran has also put Scott on notice hitting up Scott's social media pages with a series of personal slams and a nasty threat.

Scott Baio's social media Twitter flooded with nasty comments.

Tony posted; "She told me that you were tiny. Get on your knees and pray you never run into me."

Erin's story is a sad one and her sudden death has left many family members, friends and fans heartbroken and distressed.

The "Happy Days" star's husband of 25-years Steve Fleischmann shared an open letter stating the details of his wife's courageous battle with stage four cancer revealing that the disease took over very quickly and he had no idea just how bad things really were.

Last December Erin was diagnosed with squamous cell carcinoma and began a five-week radiation and chemo treatment, however, by then the disease leaving her unable to speak, and had spread into her spleen and had begun affecting her lungs and brain functions.Steve also revealed that Erin had died peacefully, holding his hand.

Since her death, other members of the "Happy Days" cast has spoken out on her death, but no one other than Scott Baio has been called out for their comments.

The fact of the matter is Baio reacted to the information that was out there at the time, he again spoke out after finding the truth on Erin's cause of death. In a perfect world, we would like to believe that people do not immediately jump to conclusions before finding out the facts.

However, this is not a perfect world, full of perfect people, just humans, who, for the most part, have all been guilty one time or another of jumping before knowing.

Sadly, all of the negativity and cruel remarks in the world cannot change the fact that Erin Moran tragically lost her life to a terrible and vicious disease.

A disease that takes thousands of lives a day. Hopefully one day in the near future the medical world will find a cure for this nasty and brutal disease.

Can we not just remember her for all the joy and entertainment she gave us in her life, pay her proper tribute and let Erin Moran just Rest In Peace?