Most of us have wondered how some of our favorite action films will hold up when we re-watch them decades later. While most films tend to not hold up as well as they are supposed to, certain classics manage to remain great simply because their cheesiness will always remain entertaining. “Escape from New York” is one such film that rests fondly in our memories even today, which is why it is getting a remake soon.

Escape from the 80s

The original “Escape from New York” was directed and co-written by the legendary John Carpenter. The film was set a decade and a half in the future of its own time, and told the story of Snake Plissken, a former soldier who had been recruited to rescue the president of America from a maximum security prison.

The prison in question is actually all of Manhattan that has been transformed in this radical future to serve as a tool of the justice system. Kurt Russell played the iconic Snake Plissken to perfection and managed to cement his place as one of the best action superstars of the 80s. We can expect the remake to follow a similar arc, except that it probably won't be set in the year 1997 for obvious reasons.

What to expect

robert rodriguez has always been fond of action films and he has done a great job with most of the titles he has taken on so far. His credentials include films like the “Mexico Trilogy," “Grindhouse,” and “Sin City: A Dame To Kill For." He also has some interesting projects lined up in the immediate future, so we can expect to hear a lot more about the director in coming months.

Joining Rodriguez in this fascinating project will be Neil Cross, the creator of the incredible British series “Luther." He is set to write the script for this film while Rodriguez will be taking over as director. 20th Century Fox currently owns the rights for the reboot and they will be producing the whole affair.

There is no news regarding the casting details and a lot of people are wondering if Kurt Russell will reprise his iconic role. Although that would be quite incredible, the possibility of that happening remains highly unlikely.