Adult Swim surprisingly droppedRick and Mortyseason 3 on its streaming website on April Fool’s Day. As a lot thought this was a prank, the show continued to air on loop for several hours.

The third season premiere just gave a glimpse of what fans are going to see on its official launch this summer. Titled “The Rickshank Redemption,” it exactly continued where the second season left off.

Defying all the odds

Fans once again saw the Sanchez family in “Rick and Morty” Season 3. However, Rick intentionally surrendered to the Federation to save his family from being interstellar fugitives.

It looked like the premiere episode hinted harder times for Rick and the much-loved characters of the animated series. The genius scientist has been arrested, and his family is back on Earth, which is now infiltrated by the Federation,

Evidently, Justin Roiland and Dan Harmon perfectly added a quite heartbreaking conflict that viewers unable to foresee. Hence, the first episode of the show featured defying all the odds fans are expecting to happen.

Rick’s mental construction

Roiland and Harmon seemed to dismiss Rick’s jailbreak and return to the animated series’ original settings. The two showrunners’ approach to “Rick and Morty” Season 3 might be funnier in its own right, although it is still unacceptable to fans to wait for 18 months.

Rick’s reunion with his family in Shoney was just mentally constructed. This claim was fueled as the Federation’s scientists were trying to “mine his brain” to obtain the scientific secrets it contains. However, knowing how difficult he is, he just proved that he is a very hard to manipulate by just farting and piling up Szechuan sauce packets all the while.

An episode 18-months in the making

According to IGN, it is also quite evident how Roiland and Harmon struggled to obtain the high level they want for their script to be perfected as it took them 18 months before they finally air the show. However, the result perfectly revealed fresh ideas and even funnier than ever with a different kind of twist.

But, as the first episode continued the end of the second installment, some believed that it could have premiered earlier than 18 months.