Following the recent release of the (Water Festival Event) in “Pokémon Go,” users want more. Niantic has announced the release of a big major update days ago, but it has not arrived yet. Undoubtedly, the past water event surprised most of the users of “Pokémon Go.” However, many players are not entirely satisfied because, despite the (Shiny Pokémon), which remain in the game, its capture becomes more difficult than expected. As expected, after the event, questions have not stopped among users of “Pokémon Go” who keep asking themselves: What will be the next Niantic update, and what new event is on the way?

Next, we share with a deep analysis of what we can expect from Niantic. Let’s see below.

A new Easter event arriving at the game

As it is known, new rumors about a new “Pokémon Go” event have recently surfaced. According to the data revealed, it will be released by Niantic in the middle of this month of April. However, while confirming the information, it is said, that the new Shiny Pokémon are on the way as well as the new (Legendary Monsters), which has been talking for a long time. If so, this would be one of the most important updates of “Pokémon Go.” Of course, that an Easter event would be great.

Players make their suggestions

After the announcement of the launch of this new "Pokémon Go fool's Day event," it has come to light a number of suggestions from a large group of players, which suggest new changes in the features for this event.

It is worth noting, that because the event will be held on that date, players should expect the Pokémon become a Ditto, after catching them up, taking into account that this appreciated creatures will appear randomly so that their location will be possible.

Additional information

As we can see, Niantic will surprise us again with a new interesting event, which will have players a little happy playing and taking the best of “Pokémon Go.”

This is all the information known so far. Keep enjoying the game, and stay tuned for more updates as they become available.