Ever since Donald Trump was elected commander in chief, it's been clear that he hasn't made too many friends in Hollywood. While many celebrities have spoken out against the president, none have been as constantly vocal in their opposition as George Takei.

Takei on Trump

Throughout the entire 2016 presidential election, Donald Trump made it clear that he was going to run a campaign that was unlike any that had come before him. In the year and a half that followed, Trump was able to gain enough momentum and support to outlast 16 other Republican primary candidates, while pulling off the upset win over Democratic nominee and former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton in the general election last November.

Despite his success, Trump faced heavy backlash during the election, which has only increased since being sworn into office last January. Trump's poll numbers have dropped to historic lows for a president in his first 100 days, which has been highlighted across social media, especially by those with large followings. One of Trump's biggest critics is George Takei, who uses his over two million Twitter followers to push back at the White House on a daily basis. After the former host of "The Apprentice" sent out several tweets on April 24, Takei decided to fire back on Twitter later that night.

Taking to his Twitter account on Monday was actor George Takei, and he didn't hold back one bit with his thoughts about the president.

"Pay attention to what is happening, who is paying off whom, and who gets hurt," Takei tweeted out, while attaching an article that reported that Dow Chemical has been pushing Donald Trump to kill scientific research.

"Transcript of Donald's @AP interview uses the word "unintelligible" 16 times, which are the parts of the interview that made the most sense," George Takei wrote on Twitter in reference to the president's recent interview with the Associated Press.

"I give Donald credit for one major achievement: he has mobilized an unprecedented number of Americans to #resist and run for office in 2018," he added in a follow-up tweet.

Doubling down

"Trump is a sham and a disgrace," George Takei went on to post on Twitter, while using the hashtag "#100DaysOfFailure." In his final tweet as of press time, Takei highlighted Donald Trump's previous tweets where he accused recent polls of being "fake," while once again bringing up the election results.

"When protesters marched to demand Donald's taxes, Donald tweeted 'The election is over!' but he's the one who can't stop talking about it," he noted. While the billionaire real estate mogul continues to cherry-pick polls to fit his agenda, it appears as if people like George Takei are not gonna stop holding Trump's feet to the fire.