For years on "The Young and the Restless," Adam Newman sought to take down his father Victor. No matter how hard he tried, the Newman Patriarch always remained on top of things. Now in death, Adam has accomplished what he was not able to do while he was living. The great Victor Newman has finally been stripped of his power, and brought to his knees.

Nikki makes a decision

Today, Nikki, Nick, and Victoria were reeling after realizing that Victor unwittingly caused the death of his son Adam and allowed Adam's killer (Chloe) to escape the country on the Newman jet.

After Victor goes to talk to Chelsea, his wife and children discuss their next step. Nikki quickly takes charge, telling her son and daughter that they must keep this terrible secret between them.

She explains how Victor being prosecuted for framing Adam for murder, then helping him escape from prison, will only lead to the downfall of the family. Nicki tells her children that Newman Enterprises, and even Victoria's brand, Brash and Sassy, could all go down with Victor. She makes it clear that she is saving her grandchildren's legacy, and not defending her husband. When her husband later returns home, Mrs. Newman continues in her take charge attitude. For the first time she asserts herself with her spouse.

She lays down the law, telling him how things will be from now on.

Mrs. Victor Newman in charge

Victor returned home, expecting his family to tell him to turn himself in to the police. Instead, Nikki announces that the family will keep his secret, and continue to be a powerful, loving clan in public. She lets her spouse know that in private, things will be very different.

While Mr. Newman is allowed to stay in his home, he is most definitely in the dog house. Victor has been used to being in the position of power and controlling situations. That has abruptly changed,

Now he finds that he could not control Crazy Chloe, and his plan for Adam to escape went terribly wrong. Now his immediate family has expressed disappointment in him yet again, and his wife Nikki is calling all the shots.

This must be a terrible blow to the man everyone respects, even if they do not like him. "The Young and the Restless" faithful realize, however, that Victor Newman will not stay down long. If only Adam were alive to see this current situation his dad is in. The great and powerful Victor Newman vulnerable, and taking orders from his wife. No one could have seen this coming.