"scorpion" opened this week with Toby and Happy enjoying themselves at the spa while the rest of the team planned their wedding. They receive their latest assignment from the Hechnian Republic. Their job is to help retrieve a space harvesting capsule that is descending from space. If they fail to stop it, the capsule will land in the capital city, and the contents of the capsule and the city will be destroyed.

Does the capsule contain an alien life form?

The team devises a plan to bring the capsule down safely. They use a remote control helicopter to snatch the capsule as it plummets toward earth.

After briefly losing control of the helicopter because it refuses to respond to the controller, the team fixes the controller, and they bring the capsule down safely. Toby asks to examine the contents of the capsule to make sure that everything is safe. He discovers millions of strands of DNA. The DNA strands may contain unknown pathogens that have the potential to kill the Hechnian people.

The Scorpion team is asked to leave the area after they deliver the news that opening the capsule could unleash any of the unknown pathogens. They are later detained by the president's attache and asked to return to destroy the asteroid inside the capsule. Before they return, though, the attache collects their badges and then shoots the badges.

He then makes a call and informs an unknown party that the entire team is dead.

The team breaks into the wind tunnel to destroy the asteroid

Once the team returns, they devise a plan to enter the wind tunnel where the capsule is kept. They plan to insert a torch into the capsule and burn away any DNA strands within the asteroid.

Happy and Walter make their way into the wind tunnel and then become trapped when two scientists try to enter the tunnel. The president saves them when he escorts the scientists to the announcement celebration.

The plan the team devised works until they trigger the heat sensor that turns on the turbine in the wind tunnel. Walter is forced to grab the hole they cut in the wall, and he and Happy hold on while the team finds a way to shut the fan off.

Toby and Paige use a cold can to shut off the sensor. Walter and Happy finish sterilizing the asteroid.

Once the team destroys the asteroid, they escape. The president and his attache are captured and detained. Sylvester convinces the rest of the team to turn the vehicle around to go back to rescue the president. The team and the president are released after they strike a deal to license the technology to ensure the safety of any future asteroids that are brought to earth.

"Scorpion" airs on Monday nights at 9:00 p.m.