Hey, "Scorpion" peeps. Yep, it's that unfortunate time ,again, where I must hop on here and give the bad news ,that tonight, the new episode 23 of the current season 3 will require your patience, because it's just not happening today. For some reason, which we don't have a definite reason for, CBS is going to give you guys a rerun. So, the new episode 23 will be airing next Monday, instead, which is going to land on May 1st,2017 in their usual 9pm central time slot, so go ahead make note of that.

Bringing episode 6 back

So, what rerun is CBS airing tonight.

Well, according to the official TV Guide listings, they will be re-airing the 6th episode that aired this season, which is entitled: "Bat Poop." It's the one where Walter and company had to stop a freaking bat population from obliterating an entire North American ecosystem. The crew also helped out with Walter's immigration inspection. If for some reason, any of you happened to miss that episode's original airing, tonight will be your big chance to watch it. And of course, for those of you who did see it and have no desire to watch it again, you'll definitely want to make sure you plan out something else, because this is what's going down, tonight, on CBS.

Possible wedding bells in number 23

As previously reported, we did get an official description from CBS for the upcoming episode 23.

They also let us know that it's labeled: "Something Burrowed, Something Blew." In it, we're going to see the team try to extinguish a tunnel fire. It's going to seem like a very easy task at first, but low and behold, things are going to turn quite horrific! We'll also be seeing the two love birds, Happy and Toby, hit up the marriage alter to well, get freaking hitched.

Will they actually do it? It's a pretty wild storyline. I can't wait to see how it plays out.

In usual form, CBS hasn't yet released a preview clip for episode 23 yet, so we're still waiting on that. They usually release them on the same week that the episode is due out, so I would check the show's official Youtube page later on this week to see if they're out yet, because they'll certainly deliver some extra details for the episode.

Season 4 is a go

Since this season is winding down to it's big finale, I thought I might give you guys some early good news. It turns out that way, way back on March 23rd, 2016, CBS already gave this show an extremely early season 4 renewal! So, if you want, you guys can go ahead and pop the cork on the champagne bottles and get the celebration party started. We should start hearing some possible season 4 spoiler teasers after the finale airs, which is May 15th. Hopefully, some of these other news outlets will be able to squeeze some initial teasers out of the producers. We'll see. Stay tuned.