Alex Jones has officially confirmed that she will return to “The One Show” this week. The 40-year-old television personality will present the show alongside Matt Baker. She gave birth to a baby boy, Edward Alun Burrell Thomson, and could not continue with the program for several weeks.

Jones claims that though it is tough to leave the little one at home, she’ll arrange a nanny. The new mother seems excited and has taken to Twitter to announce her return to the the show. In a recent picture, Alex could be seen holding her boy. She has uploaded several new photos to social media to create excitement among fans.

‘The One Show’

'The One Show' is a popular BBC Television show that airs Monday to Fridays at 7 pm. The program features studio guests and local stories. It is presented by Angela Scanlon and Matt Baker (Monday to Thursday), and a guest celebrity appears every Friday. Several reporters have been recruited to assist with presenting in the studios and outdoors. The show was originally developed in Birmingham followed by its shooting in BBC's Media Village.

Launched in 2006, the show has been hosted by various celebrities, including Baker and Jones. They hosted the program in 2010, and Chris Evans served as the host on Friday. Before this, the program was hosted by Christine Bleakley and Adrian Chiles, and the two partnered for four years.

Their amazing onscreen chemistry added value to the overall presentation and ratings of the program.

'The One Show' is merely 25 minutes long, but is sometimes extended to two hours based on its topic. The most interesting thing is that the show runs throughout the year, apart from the weekend. Every summer, a special show is presented by Lucy Siegle and Matt Allwright.

Format of the program

As a local magazine program, 'The One Show' focuses on a broad range of real-life stories. It sheds light on the controversial lifestyles of famous celebrities, political issues, and current affairs. The broadcast features a mix of outdoor activities, and pre-recorded segments. Every Friday, special guests bring forth the insights of Hollywood and the fashion world.

They answer the questions of callers and encourage them to interact through social media and live chats.

Alex Jones is a popular Welsh television presenter. She was born in Carmarthenshire and studied at the University of Wales. She can fluently speak both English and Welsh languages. In addition to 'The One Show,' Jones has appeared in “Cân i Gymru,” "Hip neu Sgip,” “RI:SE,” “Tocyn,” “Chwa,” and “Jonathan.”