Hey, "Prison Break" fans. The kind FOX peeps, recently delivered up this new preview/spoiler clip (below) for the upcoming episode 3 of this current season 5, and it definitely doesn't disappoint, giving us a ton of action with Michael as he shoots for a big escape attempt from the prison he's currently in. Lincoln is spotted, noticing weird, red dotted i that actually may be clues to the location they're seeking. Sara is spotted on the run at some point. There's some extreme chase scenes. A couple of people are looking pretty lethal with their guns, and more!

As previously reported, episode 3 is called: "The Liar."

Red dotted i

The new preview clip, starts out, giving us a car scene where news is being played on the radio, saying that the capitol of Yemen is getting ever closer to collapsing, like as soon as freaking tomorrow! Next we get a scene that features Lincoln in action. He notices that there's a red dot, dotting the i in some documents that he's looking at. Then we see Benjamin, telling him that it's a clue to the location. Next, we see Michael in action. He's spotted, telling someone that when the lights go black, they're going to flee from that place like ghosts.

The lights go out

Surely enough, in the next scene, we see the lights go out, and Michael is spotted, saying: "let's go!" Then they're spotted, making a swift run for it.

From there, we're hit with a flurry of different scenes that look pretty, freaking intense as we see a man firing off a lot of machine gun rounds! There's also a couple of chasing and running scenes that look quite dramatic. After all that, Michael is spotted in yet another scene ,saying, getting over the wall, is just the start.

Then, we get another brief series of scenes that look pretty action-filled and suspenseful. One lady is spotted, treading lightly with her gun ready to fire. There's also a brief look at Dr. Sara in action. She looks quite panicked too. It definitely looks like this one is going to be a very wild one for sure. Be sure to check it out, below.

Some additional intel

As previously reported in the press release for this installment, Sara is going to get ambushed at some point by T-Bag, because he will try to warn her about two of Poseidon's henchmen, Van Gogh and A&W. Apparently, they're following her. Elsewhere, we'll see Lincoln be very busy, trying to get his damn passport back, so he can get the hell out of Yemen, because it was previously confiscated. The new episode 3, is set to arrive tomorrow night, Tuesday, April 18th, 2017 at 8pm central time on FOX. Stay tuned.