"Ant-Man and the wasp" is the anticipated sequel to the Marvel Universe movie "Ant-Man." This time around, Evangeline Lilly’s Hope will take on the role as The Wasp and join forces with Paul Rudd's Scott Lang as Ant-Man. According to recent reports, the Marvel Universe sequel will start filming with director Peyton Reed returning in June and will hit theaters on July 6, 2018.

The new era for Ant-Man and The Wasp

The Marvel Universe and Peyton Reed chose to use Scott Lang as Ant-Man instead of Hank Pym. The way they went about this was to show audiences that Pym was Ant-Man when he worked for SHIELD and the U.S.

Government in the past but retired when his wife Janet Pym - The Wasp - shrunk too far and disappeared from our reality. As a result, the Ant-Man serum was hidden and wasn't found until burglar Scott Lang broke into Pym's home to steal it. The first movie showed Scott Lang getting used to playing the role of Ant-Man while Hope believed she was the one who should step into the role her parents once held, never knowing what really happened to her mother. Now, in the sequel, Hope finally gets to take on the role her mother once held - that of The Wasp.

What is the 'Ant-Man' sequel about?

This movie was set up in the post-credit sequence of "Ant-Man," when Hank Pym showed Hope her mother's old costume and then showed her that he developed a new costume for her to wear if she wanted to take on the role of The Wasp.

When asked about this movie, director Peyton Reed said that he is an old comic nerd and always considered Ant-Man and The Wasp as a team. This new movie gives him a chance to show how they work together as a unit and how their relationship builds from there. This gives Reed a chance to bring The Wasp into the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

What we know about The Wasp

The first thing that fans will get to see is who Hope Pym is when it comes to her role as The Wasp. In the comics, it is her mother Janet that has portrayed The Wasp for five decades, a socialite who loves playing the role of a superhero. Hope is a very different character. The way she was introduced in the first "Ant-Man" movie was as a disciplined and trained fighter with a lot of pent up aggression.

While it is nothing like The Wasp from the comic books, it makes the dynamic between her and the aloof Scott Lang a perfect mix for a movie. According to director Peyton Reed, this is not just an "Ant-Man" sequel because this is as much a Wasp movie as it is one for Ant-Man.