Hey, "Doctor Who" fans. Welcome to the brand new season! It's about time, right? Anyways, we've got some official spoiler teasers and two preview clips (below) from BBC ONE for the upcoming episode 2 of the current season 10. They gave us about two or three storyline scoops, which all include the same characters. It turns out that the Doctor and Bill will find themselves in a new land that has been touted as being really great, but that's definitely not what they'll find. In fact, they're going to end up, having to figure out a horrifying mystery, and more!

It's "Smile"

In their press release, they also let us know that this thing is labeled: "Smile." According to their official plot summary, they let us know that the scene for this episode, will be set in the far future at the edge of the galaxy. And there is supposed to be a city that's perfect and gleaming. They go onto say that it supposedly holds the secret to human happiness. Apparently, the Doctor and Bill are going to pay this place a visit as they tell us that they're only going to find a pile of grinning skulls there! So, that doesn't sound too good at all. How will they react to this awful situation? It's definitely going to be interesting to see their first reaction to this place. No doubt about it.

From the shadows

Next, they go on to tell us that something is going to be alive in the walls. There's also going to be emojibots that are watching them from the shadows! If that weren't enough, they describe that there's going to be a terrifying mystery that Bill and the Doctor will be forced to figure out. What could this terrifying mystery entail?

And what's the thing that's alive in the walls? Those are the burning questions for this storyline. Unfortunately, they didn't give out any extra details about that, so it looks like we'll be in the dark until this thing hits the airwaves. One thing's for sure, it sounds like it'll give us some very interesting and highly dramatic scenes.

Mean emoji faces

Now, it's time to take a look at the two, new preview clips. In the fist clip, we see it start out with the Doctor and Bill, walking around on a world that the Doctor has described as one of the world's first colonies. Next, the Doctor is explaining the tiny robots that are seen flying about. After that, we get a scene that features some goofy-looking emoji robot that shows them a smiley face. Apparently, this situation, gets the doctor to thinking: "Where are all the people?" Right after that, they're shown a whole bunch of skulls of dead people. Then all of a sudden, we see mean emoji faces on the robots, so that doesn't look too promising. This prompts the doctor to want to blow something up!

He's definitely spooked.

Welcome to your new world

In the second clip, we see the same sort of scenes, but they're a little different. The doctor is seen, saying welcome to paradise at one point. The emojibots are spotted, saying: welcome to your new world. After that, we see them getting chased and grabbed by the robots. Apparently, they get real dangerous. The clip caps off, finally giving us a glimpse at some other people that are supposedly there. It looks real intense. Be sure to check them out ,below, and stay tuned. Episode 2 is scheduled to air on Saturday night, April 22nd, 2017 at 7:20pm.