Recently, the folks over at CBS delivered up their new press release spoiler synopsis for the upcoming "Blue Bloods" episode 21 of season 7. They did pretty good, giving us three storyline previews to work with. It turns out that Anthony and Eric will be in action, trying to find out who tampered with some evidence in their case. Baez and Danny will be joining forces with some Russian operatives in an attempt to locate a Russian that is considered to be very dangerous and on American soil, and more.

It's "Foreign Interference"

They also gave us a title for this 21st installment.

They decided to name it: "Foreign Interference." They started off their official plot summary by putting in all-caps, the storyline about Baez and Danny, teaming up with two Russian operatives, so they can be more effective at hunting down a very dangerous Russian that's on the loose in the United States. Apparently, he was able to enter the country on a diplomatic visa.

This storyline will, most likely, get most of the attention of the episode, since they made sure to highlight it in all-caps. The big questions for it, is will Danny and Baez be successful at hunting this man down? Or will they still come up short despite the help of the two Russian operatives. It looks like we'll have to watch this episode to find out, because they didn't give us any other details about it.

It definitely sounds like it should provide a lot of drama and suspense.

Sensitive details

Next, they let us know that we're going to see Frank, back on the scene at some point. He's going to end up, getting involved in a case that contains some very sensitive details in regards to Archbishop,Kevin Kearns. How will Frank work this case?

Will he overstep his boundaries? Those are a few questions for this storyline .Hopefully, they'll get answered in this episode. They didn't elaborate on it, so that's all the intel that we've got on it right now.

Anthony and Erin go in search

Lastly, we've got this final teaser reveal, which lets us know that we're going to see Anthony and Erin in action.

They'll be trying to move as fast as they possibly can to discover who was the culprit that tampered with some very important evidence in one of the cases they were working on.

Will these two be able to track down this culprit and put an end to this madness? Or will the culprit just be able to get away, scott free? The answers to these burning questions, will be the thing to look for in this plotline. We have some production credits that reveal, Peter Blauner was responsible for writing the script, and that John Behring directed it. We can also confirm that episode 21 is scheduled to air on Friday night, April 28th,2017 at 9pm central time on CBS. Stay tuned.