Hey, "Blue Bloods" fans. Yes, it's true guys. We ,unfortunately, have to break the news that CBS will not be airing the new episode of your favorite show,tonight, so that means the new episode 21 of season 7, titled: "Foreign Interference," will just sit on the back burner for now. The exact reason for this, is currently unknown. We just know that the 21st episode is scheduled to arrive next Friday night, April 28th,2017 at 9pm central time, so be sure to make note of that on TV schedules.

Rerun dating back to episode 3

So, what does CBS have in store for their primetime line up tonight?

It turns out that they're going to be re-airing the 3rd episode that aired this season, which is labeled: "Mob Rules." It's the one that featured Lt. Gormley, getting beaten to a bloody pulp by a mob outside of his home. Jamie and Eddie saw a shady arrest take place, and Danny worked hard to get a witness to testify against the wicked mob leader. If you missed that episode the first time around, then you might still want to watch CBS, tonight. However, if this is of no interest to you, you'll definitely want to schedule in some other plans.

Some official details for episode 21

Alright, so this is the part of our little segment were we shift things away from the bad news, and let you guys know a little bit of what's in store when the new episode 21 finally airs next week.

We did get an official synopsis from CBS for this installment. Again, it's titled: "Foreign Interference," and they let us know that the storyline will feature a team-up situation that involves Baez and Danny and some Russian operatives ,at some point, in an effort to hunt down a very dangerous man that was able to get into the United States via a diplomatic visa.

We're also going to see an archbishop case, draw some attention from Frank as they tell us that he'll get involved in it. Then last , but most certainly not least, we'll see Erin in action, and she'll be needing to find out who in the hell, decided to tamper with her freaking evidence.

Unfortunately, what CBS has failed to do, and it seems to be a theme with them.

They still haven't given us a preview clip for this episode. They're really bad about that, compared to just about all the other networks. But anyways, we're still waiting around for that. It will most likely show up later this week, since this episode is set to air next Friday night. So, definitely stay on the look out for that on the show's official Youtube channel, because they almost always reveal additional scenes and intel of what to expect. Oh, and we just noticed that this season has only 22 episodes in total, so this season is definitely about to come to a close. We can already tell you that there will be an 8th season, because that announcement was made way, way back in March 2016. Stay tuned.