James K. is one of the most contradictory patients on "My 600-lb Life" -- and his many bizarre behaviors are killing the 791-lb man. But he's also ruining his daughter Bailey's life by bullying her into quitting school to care for him. He's destroying his too-caring girlfriend Lisa. The obese man faces many hurdles before he can get baratric surgery. James must quit forcing his overworked family to overfeed him. He must raise money, find a big enough vehicle to transport him, and lose 200 pounds for gastric bypass surgery. James claims to love his family but his perceptive daughter feels he loves food more.

Will he find what he needs for weight-loss or will addictions, denial, excuses, and self-pity win?

Obese dad makes daughter drop out of school to nurse him

Many TLC viewers say that James K. is one of the most selfish "My 600-lb Life" patients they've seen. He whines about being in pain from cellulitis while making his girlfriend do all the heavy lifting. He feels sorry for himself that his daughter must bathe her father's privates because he can't reach them himself. James worries about his lymphedema which is leaking fluid, and then he screams at his family to feed him exactly what he wants. Bailey resents having to stay home from school to play caregiver to her totally narcissistic father. The only people who feel guilty for his obesity are his enabling family who blame themselves for providing him food.

James K. killing everyone with his 10,000-calorie a day diet

Dr. Younan Nowzaradan chewed out Lisa, James' indulgent girlfriend, for bringing him food. She defends herself saying that he will give her "hell." It seems odd to think that someone could actually fear a bed-ridden person. But that's how control freaks like James manipulate others.

And James is small potatoes compared to "My 600-lb Life" Steven Assanti who was so bossy that he got kicked out of the bariatric surgery program. But James isn't far behind. Lisa does all the problem-solving, worrying and following Dr. Now's 800-calorie diet as James does the cheating, scolding and complaining.

He tried to con Dr.

Now that he'd lost weight but the proof was in the pudding. James didn't lose the required weight and did gain 153 pounds, bouncing up to 844 pounds. After suffering an episode of heart failure, will the reality televison star die in the next year, or, like Chad Dean, get his act together? Maybe a more important question is, will Lisa learn self-care so that Bailey can live her own life?