"The Amazing Race" season 29 just kicked off last Thursday and although the new concept is quite fun and interesting, the rating has significantly dropped. With this result, many speculated that the veteran show may have already reached the end of the line.

"The Amazing Race" has always been considered as a top show of CBS. The reality competition show offers a lot of exciting moments that hooked the adult viewers and the younger ones as well. The show even added a new twist from the very first episode which completely changed the contestants' game plan.

'TAR' season 29 starts with interesting twist

"The Amazing Race" season 29 premiere episode revealed to 22 strangers that they are going to be teamed up. They were given task and the first contestant who finish will have the chance to choose his or her partner, then the second finisher will choose, the third, and so on. Fighting for the grand prize with someone you have no idea whatsoever about their personality is definitely tough, but it can certainly make good TV.

While some team connected right away like #TeamFun: Becca and Floyd, there were a few who struggled to work together well like #TeamVanckandAshton: Vanck and Ashton, even their team name says that they are just too different to settle for a good and catchy hashtag.

New installment's fate still uncertain

The success and failures of the contestants are a part of the reasons why "The Amazing Race" has been so successful. Now that the shocking twist could result to much interesting episodes, season 29 is already off to a good start, right? Wrong. Unfortunately for "The Amazing Race" season 29, the CBS show was pushed to 10 p.m.

Thursdays from its original slot of 8 p.m. Fridays. This new schedule has definitely affected the ratings as the time is a bit too late for its younger audience. And since it's a busy weekday, a lot of the CBS show's viewers may not be able to watch it anymore.

Reports revealed that "TAR" season 28 had over 6 million viewers, while "TAR" season 29 dropped to 4.4 million viewers. To make matters worse, the reality game show has not yet renewed by CBS.