Morgan Freeman is an actor who excels in any character he portrays, as he has now done in Going in Style.”. He lives the role and does not believe that age is a deciding factor. He is now a 79-year-old and can boast of over a dozen film and TV credits in the last two years. He wants to hold on to that trend as long as possible. Other actors may slow down because of a lack of good roles but not Freeman. His motto is clear and simple - make hay while the sun shines.

Story of 'Going in Style'

Los Angeles Times reports that “Going in Style” is the latest movie of Morgan Freeman and the story is about three old friends who lose out on their pension plans.

In desperation, they steal money from the bank that had cheated them. Others in the cast are Michael Caine (84), Alan Arkin (83), and Ann-Margret (75). Morgan Freeman and Michael Caine have, between them, four Academy Award wins apart from 11 more nominations while Ann Margaret is a two-time Oscar nominee.

The movie is directed by Zach Braff and credit for the script goes to Theodore Melfi, the director of “Hidden Figures.” Incidentally, “Going in Style” is a remake of the 1979 comedy of the same name which was directed by Martin Brest and starred George Burns, Art Carney, and Lee Strasberg.

Michael Caine adds that this version is not just for laughs, as the viewer would expect from a comedy but, has tremendous social depth and, will not be boring.

More about Freeman and Caine

“Going in Style” is the sixth film that the two actors have done together. Most notable was the “Dark Knight” trilogy. The audience is surprised when they see older actors like them acting in comedy films. Caine feels that veteran actors grab the attention of Hollywood because the aged want to see films that are about people and not about rockets blowing up the moon.

Obviously, the finger points to the sci-fi genre of movies.

Zach Braff had these thoughts in mind when he directed “Going in Style.” His intention was to make a film that would appeal to his 82-year-old father. Braff knows that the audience wants to see Morgan Freeman, Michael Caine, and Alan Arkin together and would love the performance of Freeman - he has a great sense of humor.