Alec Baldwin is considering retiring from portraying President Donald Trump on Saturday Night Live. The funnyman told the Huffington Post a few weeks ago that he does not see his parody of the 45th president going into another season on SNL. In an interview with The Press Association.

Americans have been laughing for months as Baldwin does a better Trump, that The Donald himself. The wind, however, has been let out of the sails of the performance. The current climate in America weighs heavily on the actor. He said if Donald Trump does not change, there will be nothing funny about him to mimic Baldwin then said, that the Trump Whitehouse is malicious.

He believes if the president does not alter his ways, there will be nothing to laugh about in September when SNL begins a new season. The current season ends in May.

Alec Baldwin helped improve SNL ratings

SNL reported, that Baldwin's spot on impersonation of President Trump has improved ratings for the show. Ratings are the highest they have been in 6 years. While America is tuning in and laughing, President Trump does not see anything funny. It has been reported that he does not like being parodied. Previous presidents, including Barack Obama, have simply rolled with the punches.

All good things come to an end

Whether or not Alec Baldwin will continue channeling President Trump, depends on what happens between now and the taping of a new SNL season.

If the POTUS continues to be seen as "malicious," Alec Baldwin will hang up his blonde wig. If the investigations into Russian collusion lead to our 45th president, SNL will say, "It's a wrap," and find someone else to parody.

Donald Trump may be found innocent of wrong doings with the Russians. And he could suddenly become more presidential.

Even so, one season of Donald Trump on Saturday Night Live may be all the American people can stomach. And of course, all good things come to an end. So it may just be time for Alec Baldwin, and SNL to move on to greener, less malicious pastures.