There are a lot of reasons to be excited for the upcoming Amazon series “Too Old To Die Young." The crime-thriller has signed on an exciting cast and show-runner, and it looks like Amazon is all set to continue its winning run on television. The plot line for the series is extremely interesting, and is unlike anything Amazon has worked on so far. Read on for more details regarding the upcoming series.

Taking on the underworld

Too Old To Die Young” will be led by Miles Teller who is set to play an angry and grieving police officer. Teller’s partner was shot in the line of duty, but as Taylor pursues his partner’s assailant, he uncovers the inner workings of a seedy underworld filled with Yakuza soldiers, Sicarios, working class Hitmen, Mafia men working for Russian dons, and gangs of violent teen killers.

Miles Teller must battle through these extraordinary odds to understand the truth behind the extravagant operation, and deliver justice to his late partner. The show will probably look and feel like a mix between “The Wire” and “Narcos."

What to expect

Miles teller has had quite an eventful career so far. The talented young actor made a huge mark in the Oscar nominated film “Whiplash." and has also put in memorable turns in films like “War Dogs." He is also taking the lead role in the upcoming military film “Thank You For Your Service” that is centered around a group of soldiers returning home from war, and dealing with PTSD. Teller has yet to make a mark on television and this project seems like a promising first.

Nicholas Winding Refn is set to direct the pilot episode of the series and he will be co-writing it with the legendary Ed Brubaker. Refn is an extremely talented director who is famous for making memorable casting decisions and pulling them off with ease (think Ryan Gosling taking the lead in “Drive”).

Amazon has been working on some extremely intriguing projects lately, and it seems like they are looking to create a diverse set of shows and films under their banner.

They recently finalized a deal with "Moonlight" creator Barry Jenkins for an exclusive project titled "The Underground Railroad". They area also creating a mini-series starring Colin Farrel to explore the life of controversial public figure Oliver North.