791-lb James K. didn't lose weight on "My 600-lb Life" -- in fact he gained 153 pounds and is blaming Dr. Younan Nowzaradan. And heads have collectively exploded. Enraged fans want to know what's up. Did Dr. Now fail to help the bariatric surgery patient with weight-loss? Is James' enabling girlfriend Lisa at fault? How about his teen daughter Bayley who had to quit school to care for dad? Who's to blame when an obese man eats 10,000 calories a day?

844-lb patient can't (won't) lose weight

Dr. Now told the nearly 800-lb man that he would have to shed 200 pounds before gastric bypass surgery could be safely performed in Houston.

In preparation, Dr. Nowzaradan gave the bed-ridden man his homework -- a 1,200-calorie-a-day diet. Lisa moved heaven and earth to find a vehicle large enough to accomdate her plus-sized significant other. She started a GoFundMe to raise money to get him to Texas. Bayley missed school so she could cook for, bathe, and feed her dad. "My 600-lb Life" readied for the reality television episode. But meanwhile, back in Kentucky, James kept eating.

James K. cons everyone

As everyone worked to save James' life, he just complained. This hurt, that hurt, he had cellulitis and leaking lymphedema fluid from the obesity. All patients feel pain, and those who accept responsiblity for it, like Chad Dean, can heal.

In-denial James just kept whining and making Lisa and Bayley cook him supersize meals, which they felt guilty to feed him but were afraid not to. What happened to that 1,200 calorie diet? James claimed he was following it "his way" (cheating constantly). For whatever reason, the family went ahead and made the trip to Houston (James kvetching all the way) even though they'd been overfeeding him and he'd been overeating.

They seemed to think that somehow "My 600-lb Life" would magically make him lose weight. The only one who didn't fall for it was Bayley. And Dr. Now.

TLC bariatric patient blames Dr. Now

At weigh-in (surprise, surprise) James hadn't lost and had gained weight. Dr. Nowzaradan hospitalized him and put him on an 800-calorie diet.

He finally shed some pounds and was released to finish losing for bariatric surgery. At his next weigh in, James jumped to 844 pounds. What about the diet? He and Lisa vowed he'd followed it -- mostly. But Dr. Now said a 153-lb weight gain meant he was eating (drum roll) 10,000 calories daily! Lisa felt terrible and James let her take the blame. He also faulted Dr. Now for not getting him a nutritionist like he wanted and for not helping him implement the diet. The Reality TV physician called BS, saying James and Lisa had been offered loads of support which they had ignored. The show ended as it did with co-star Steven Assanti. James K. went home, still obese, bullying, and BS-ing.