It seems Mike Thompson might not be the sweet "Sugar Bear" everyone thinks he is. In fact, the reality television star is manipulative, hypocritical and fat-shaming, according to daughter "Honey Boo Boo" Alana Thompson. First he joined his morbidly obese wife Jennifer Lamb in mocking Mama June on weight-loss and plastic surgery. Then Thompson let Jen sabotage HBB's healthy diet and stuff her full of sweets. And the coup de grace, Sugar Bear had the audacity to then fat-shame his daughter on obesity. And, is Mama June Shannon royally po'd!

Sugar Bear lures Honey Boo Boo off diet, then mocks obesity

Oh no he didn't?! Thompson seriously body-shamed the kid he helped fatten up? Yep, Mama June says that's just typical of her ex. The star of "From Not to Hot" promised that in the season finale, folks are going to see more of the real Mike Thompson and his not-so-hot track record. Was this just sour grapes from the jilted reality TV star? Nope -- Alana Thompson confirmed that twice her father fat-shamed her. He's also an absent dad who only calls when he wants something. The fat comments came about when he hinted that the 11-year-old should cut his grass.

Sugar Bear feeds the elephant in the living room

Honey Boo Boo said she'd mow the yard but she'd need a riding lawn mower.

Dad fat-shamed his reality television star daughter, saying she could use the exercise and hinted at obesity. Presumably Thompson thought he was being cute. Sugar Bear seems to have a fetish for lawn-themed humor. About Mama June exercising, he'd quipped that her personal trainier must have tied a donut to a fishing pole and made her chase a riding mower to get it.

So fat-shaming was just his little joke but it came off passive-aggressive. And no one mentioned it, but plenty were probably thinking that the one who should be mowing the grass was his plus-size spouse Jennifer Lamb.

Mama June sets Sugar Bear, Jennifer Lamb straight

According to June Shannon, Thompson can jest all he wants because he and his wife have no influence over Honey Boo Boo.

Her LGBT ex-lover cheated on her and has been virtually non-existent in his daughter's life. As far as stepmom Jennifer goes, Mama June was happy to go to their wedding in her size 4 revenge body dress. Thanks to bariatric surgery weight-loss, breast implant procedure and plastic surgery, the jilted ex outshone the bride as "From Not to Hot" showed. And Lamb will probably play less of a part in Alana's life than her dad, even. After directly undermining June's healthier eating initiative and inviting HBB to glut on desserts, even the child can probably see that stepmother does not have her best interests at heart.