Michael Bay is working on several “Transformers” movies in collaboration with Paramount, Business Insider reports. The filmmaker is currently busy with the promotion of “Transformers: The Last Knight.” He says that the “Transformers” writers have outlined more stories. It does not mean we will have all those films in theaters this year. Bay claims that the “Transformers” films would be released in the next few years. However, Akiva Goldsman, Ken Nolan, Geneva Robertson-Dworet, Christina Hodson, and Lindsey Beer have completed the scripts. Now the next step is to finalize the cast and begin shooting.

Transformers sequels

"Transformers: The Last Knight" - It is scheduled to be released on June 23. Michael Bay has directed the project, and the story is based on a novel by Art Marcum. Promos and posters of the film have already created excitement among fans. It’s a story of Cade Yeager and Bumblebee, who decide to save the world from terrorists. Mark Wahlberg and Anthony Hopkins play the lead roles.

"Transformers 6" - Michael Bay has refused to comment anything about the plot of “Transformers 6.” We only know that Christina Hodson has penned its script. The filmmaker recently uploaded a poster on his official Twitter profile, giving glimpses that it’s a story of Mark Wahlberg’s character Cade Yeager.

There are rumors that the film will hit a theater near you in June 2018, but nothing is confirmed.

"Transformers 7" - Michael says “Transformers 7” will be released in summer 2021. However, he has not confirmed anything about the story and cast of the film. Screenplay writers are Matt Holloway, Art Marcum, and Ken Nolan.

"Transformers 8" - Bay is currently finalizing the cast of “Transformers 8,” Business Insider claims.

The dialogues are penned by Matt Holloway, Art Marcum, and Ken Nolan. We hope to have this movie in theaters in 2022.

Transformers spin-offs

Bumblebee - Travis Knight previously made the news with the success of “Kubo And The Two Strings.” Michael Bay has signed him to direct “Bumblebee.” The story of this film is written by Christina Hodson, who previously penned the scripts of “Unforgettable” and “Shut In.” According to the filmmaker, this project will feature newcomers.

"Transformers One" - Producer Lorenzo di Bonaventura reveals that he has teamed up with Michael Bay for “Transformers One.” The film is currently in development and focuses on the world of Cybertron. The release date has not been confirmed, but we expect to have this film in theaters by 2020.

Michael Bay says he does not want to work on a “Transformers” crossover. However, he has plans to develop a reboot in collaboration with Paramount. We look forward to these exciting films.