"Teen Mom 2" star Kailyn Lowry shocked the world when she announced her third pregnancy. Rumors had been flying for quite some time about the possibility of the star being pregnant with her third Child. Lowry announced her third pregnancy in February 2016. This came as a surprise to fans. The star had just recently divorced her ex-husband Javi Marroquin.

Who is the mystery baby daddy and are they together?

The father of this child has been kept secret since the announcement. There has been a ton of speculation but no confirmation from the only two people who would know for sure, Lowry or the mystery dad.

Many wonder if the mystery man is an active participant in Lowry's life. A source close to her told Radar Online recently that "He's been there whenever Kail has needed him. He's supportive of her, so it's been good." The source goes on to explain that the plan for the pair is to co-parent when the baby is born and continue working on repairing their damaged relationship.

How are things going for Kailyn?

It seems that this pregnancy has been going a bit rough. Even if the pregnancy is tough, the soon to be mother of three seems to be pushing through and continuing with her career and education. She recently made some potentially telling posts on social media. When a fan told Kailyn that she should name her baby Holden, she responded that "Chris would say I'm holden the baby!" Is this a potential clue as to who her baby's father is?

Kailyn is the third star of Teen Mom 2 having a baby.

There must be a pregnancy in the water around the producers of the television series. Chelsea Houska (now Deboer) announced her pregnancy with her then fiance. It seemed that everyone was happy for her and excited by her news. Then Janelle Evans tried to deny rumors of her pregnancy.

She was later in an automobile accident, and the police report was released showing that she was pregnant. She continued to hide her pregnancy until she was ready for the world to know. When she finally came out and shared her news, many people were very negative in comparison. They bashed her for having her third child without being married.

Then rumors began to fly for Kailyn. She denied the rumors for months and finally came out and let the world know that she was expecting. The response was very similar to those of Janelle Evans. Many people bashed her for having a third child with a third man.

Now the rumors are starting to fly out against the final co-star of "Teen Mom 2". Leah Messer has had many rumors come out since she shared a picture and in the background, there was a picture of the ultrasound. She then posted a live video where her youngest daughter seems to be saying something along the lines of "are you telling em about the baby?" As far as anyone knows Messer is not pregnant. But if history repeats itself, there may be a new "Teen Mom" baby on the way soon.