When it comes to reality television, it is about their real lives, but there is also a few things that aren't totally real. Josiah Duggar has revealed recently that the Duggars actually fake a few things on their show from time to time. Other reality shows have been caught doing this and admitted to doing it as well. Now Josiah is admitting to something that will surprise a few fans.

What did Josiah Duggar actually reveal?

In a recent video, Josiah Duggar shared his thoughts. He said, "The show has changed the way we live…We walk through a door, and [then] we have to walk through it again’ [because] we didn’t do it [right] the first time." That isn't a huge shock, though.

They have to make sure they get everything just right for the camera. He also mentioned that there are always little kids running everywhere. He said that pretty much everything is caught on camera and they even show up super early in the morning. Joseph said that they do miss all of the alarms going off in the boy's room. They are used to sleeping through a lot of things and so sometimes they just let those alarms go off.

After that, Josiah Duggar tried to cover up what he had to say. He went on to say, "Life is normal, life has gone on as normal, except we have a great home video we get to look back at." Joseph Duggar also did the interview with him and shared a few details, but didn't say anything about things being faked on the show.

Josiah Duggar talked about how loves all of the wedding preparations going on during the show. They have a lot of projects going on, and the family works together on them. Joseph talked about how he likes working with his family also on the car business that they run. They have a good time working together on things.

It is almost time for a new season of "Counting On." This new season will focus on courtships, engagements and new babies.

The fans can't wait to see how it all goes down. So far, they haven't shared when the show is going to start but did reveal that it would be sometime this summer. Joy-Anna Duggar just got engaged, but that hasn't actually aired on the show yet so the fans are going to love seeing this happen. The next season should be about wedding preparations as well.

Are you shocked to hear that the Duggars fake scenes for their show? Do you feel like this is right? Sound off in the comments section below on your thoughts, and don't miss "Counting On" when it returns to TLC this summer. This should be a great season that the fans are going to love.