'john wick: Chapter 2' debuted in theaters on February 17. Like the original, it is packed with plenty of action to please any action movie fan. It contains a lot of action scenes, and the driving stunts are incredible. Some of the stunt driving scenes in the movie were even done by Keanu Reeves himself.

'I'm not that guy anymore'

In the first 'John Wick' movie, Wick has retired from being an assassin so he can be with his wife Helen. When she dies, she leaves behind a puppy for him named Daisy. Daisy is murdered, and John's beloved 1969 Mustang Mach 1 is stolen by Russian mobsters.

John takes revenge for the death of Daisy and sets out to retrieve his beloved car while killing everyone who stands in the way of him getting his car back.

'John Wick: Chapter 2' picks up about four days after the first movie. John is still trying to retrieve his Mustang from the Russian mobsters who have stolen his car. It opens with a major chase scene where John enters the chop shop and retrieves his Mustang. He is chased by various Russian mobsters he kills along the way. Although he retrieves his car and makes peace with the head of the Russian mob, his car is heavily damaged from the fight.

Calling in the marker

John's peaceful life doesn't last long. Italian crime boss Santino D'Antonio arrives to call in a marker John gave him for his help.

John says he is not interested in whatever D'Antonio wants from him. D'Antonio leaves, but not before he blows up John's house.

John decides to find out what Santino D'Antonio wants from him after he talks to Winston, the owner of the Continental Hotel and the underworld king. Winston tells John that he has to follow the rules even though he left the crime syndicate.

John approaches D'Antonio to find out how to pay off his debt. D'Antonio wants his sister Gianna dead so that he can take over the Italian crime syndicate in New York.

Things don't go according to plan for John though. He goes to Italy where Gianna is to be crowned as the new head of the Italian crime syndicate. She chooses suicide over having John kill her.

It doesn't stop her brother from taking out a contract for $7 million on John's life so that the rest of the crime syndicate bosses don't find out he is behind Gianna's death.

What makes this movie so fun to watch is that it has plenty of fight scenes that are non-stop action while telling a great story. The story itself is pretty straightforward too. There is a lot of violence, and many people are killed within the story. John goes on a major killing spree to try to get to Santino D'Antonio and kill him so that D'Antonio can't take over New York. John is also looking for revenge for being set up.

The opening scene is a mind blower because of the chase scenes and how John's Mustang is used as a battering ram so that he can battle his way out of the chop shop and take his car home.

All the action scenes are sharp and to the point, and the tension throughout the movie seems to be neverending. The constant action sequences will put the viewer on the edge of the seat for the whole movie.

'John Wick' had a great storyline and plenty of action, but 'John Wick: Chapter 2' really ramps up the action. Although the violence is extreme, it is a movie that no action fan should miss, and it's one of the best movies so far this year. It also includes a great cast with appearances by Ian McShane and Lawrence Fishburne.