Last week, Donald Trump made yet another controversial move in regards to foreign policy. After the president decided to drop the largest non-nuclear bomb in history on ISIS in Afghanistan, the reaction from Fox News was overwhelmingly positive.

Oliver on Fox News

After two and a half months in the White House that has been dominated by the ongoing Russian scandal, controversial executive orders, and in-fighting in his own administration and Republican Party, Donald Trump turned his attention to issues of foreign policy to start the month of April.

It first started with his reaction to Syrian President Bashar al-Assad launching a chemical attack on his own people that resulted in close to 100 deaths, including innocent women and children. Within 48 hours, the former host of "The Apprentice" ordered the United States military to send 59 tomahawk cruise missiles to strike an airbase in Syrian. Just a week later, the military dropped the aforementioned bomb on ISIS, which is known as the "MOAB," or "Mother of all bombs." In response, many of the hosts on Fox News were thrilled, including Geraldo Rivera who cheered the bombing during a recent edition of "Fox & Friends." These issues were discussed during the April 17 edition of "Last Week Tonight with John Oliver" on HBO.

(Oliver's comments on Fox News start at 8:50 in the above video.)

On the Easter episode of "Last Week Tonight with John Oliver," host John Oliver made sure to highlight the reaction of Fox News to Donald Trump ordering the bomb in Afghanistan. Oliver showed a clip from "Fox & Friends," who played a video of the bombing while setting it to the tune of country music star Toby Keith.

One host praised the attack, stating, "this is what freedom looks like," before Geraldo Rivera chimed in with his own thoughts.

"Well, one of my favorite things in the 16 years I've been here at Fox News is watching bombs drop on bad guys," Geraldo Rivera said.

John Oliver reacted, stating, "That's a coincidence because one of my favorite things in four season on this show is looking directly into the camera and say, 'F**k you, Geraldo, I hope your mustache gets caught in a box fan!" The show then returned to the previous Rivera response, where the Fox News host went on to compare Donald Trump to a bully named "Richie" he once had to deal with back in high school, praising the president for being unpredictable and explaining that he was happy terrorists saw the commander in chief as a bully.

Bully praise

"Holy sh*t," John Oliver said, before noting, "this is why bullying never works." "If you have a bully in school, there is a good chance he is turning some kid into the next Geraldo Rivera." "If you have a bully in the White House, he does violence and things that seem to be inching us closer to, among other things, potential war with North Korea."