For many Americans, Easter Sunday is a time to gather together with family and friends, with some taking part in a religious ceremony with church in the morning. For President Donald Trump, he decided to put down the Easter eggs, and pick up his cell phone for a handful of controversial new tweets.

Trump's Easter tweets

Starting from the early days of his campaign for president, Donald Trump has used social media as a way to connect with his supporters and potential voters. With the former host of "The Apprentice" and the mainstream news media only increasing their war or words on an almost daily basis, Trump decided early on to use Twitter as his number one form of communication as a way to bypass the press.

While Trump was able to use his social media to rally his supporters and promote his candidacy as a Washington outsider all the way to the White House, it hasn't come without criticism. The president has often come under fire for how he conducts himself on social media, most notably his rants against celebrity critics, Democratic rivals, and even some world leaders, with the exception of Russian President Vladimir Putin. On Easter morning, the president decided to cover a variety of issues on his Twitter account, and lashed out on April 16.

Donald Trump sent out five tweets in the span of just over an hour on Sunday morning.

All but one of his tweets had nothing to do with Easter, with the president deciding to focus on current political issues instead. Trump first appeared to lose his cool while targeting the recent protests that took place over the weekend calling for his tax returns. The other topic addressed was the growing conflict with North Korea, which led to Trump gloating about growing the United States military.

In response, actor George Takei and others voiced their thoughts.

Takei's lead

George Takei was quick to rip Donald Trump over his Twitter posts, responding to his message targeting the aforementioned protests.

"Now that you say it, it did seem a bit impossible," Takei tweeted in reference to Trump winning the election, before adding, "Like maybe you got a little help? Broke a few laws, colluded with a few bad comrades?" In a follow-up tweet, Takei mocked the president after Trump reportedly demanded to ride in Queen Elizabeth's golden carriage during his upcoming trip to Buckingham Palace. "Trump is insisting on the 'golden carriage' treatment in London. As if his prior requests for 'golden treatments' weren't trouble enough," he wrote.

"It's almost as if you care more about yourself than about anything else in the entire world," Rob Szczerba wrote on Twitter in response to Donald Trump.

"Yes, so stop being a jerk and 1) disclose your tax returns," activist Joe Papp added, before tweeting a list of recommended actions the president should follow. "If you've got nothing to hide, release them. What's the problem?" author Emma Kennedy wrote. The tweets came pouring in as thousands answered the president's Easter messages were thoughts of their own.