The Walking Dead” introduced us to the Greene family in the second season, and we met the beautiful farmer’s daughter, Maggie, who instantly fell in love with Glenn Rhee. When Maggie and her family were introduced to us, they really didn’t know much about the outside world and survival. They had been soundly living on their farmland, away from most of the horror. In fact, Maggie’s father, Hershel, stored walkers in a barn thinking that one day he would find a cure to revive them.

The farmer girl

Since Maggie hardly had any idea of how to cope in the apocalyptic world, she was merely a farmer girl living under her daddy’s rules.

She was young and naïve with limited fighting skills. She was usually seen going on trips into town with Glenn to gather supplies. However, on one of her trips, she was attacked by a walker, which Glenn rescued her. That was her first real face-to-face encounter with a walker, which immediately changed her viewpoint. Hanging out with Glenn was helping her realize the horrors outside.

Becoming a fighter at the prison

Maggie developed so much in season 3 that she became a trusted fighter. When Rick and the others had to clear the prison, Maggie was one of the main people helping clear the area. She demonstrated that she had fully acclimated herself into the apocalyptic world.

After helping clear the prison, Maggie also became capable of handling a gun and fighting other groups.

When Merle took she and Glenn and abused by The Governor, Rick, Daryl, and Michonne came to their rescue. After being freed by Rick and company, Maggie helped Rick create a catastrophe at Woodbury to help Daryl and Merle escape.

Later in season 3, Maggie and Glenn were the ones who protected the prison by scaring away The Governor and his militia and winning the first battle.

Her confidence as a true survivor was growing, making her and Glenn a power couple.

Her losses

During The Governor’s second attack, Maggie lost her father, which changed her even more. When the group was separated in the second half of season 4, Maggie took it upon herself to find Glenn and used many fascinating tactics, such as sleeping under a pile of walkers to avoid being attacked at night and using walker blood to communicate with Glenn.

After reuniting with Glenn and escaping Terminus with Rick and the others, Maggie’s next goal was to find her sister, Beth, who had been taken by another group. Unfortunately, Beth was unable to make it out alive, leaving Maggie devastated again.

Staying strong and learning to lead

Despite her losses, Maggie remained strong. When the group arrived at Alexandria, the community’s leader, Deanna, assigned Maggie to become her assistant, to help her make decisions on growing the community. Being alongside Deanna, she was slowly learning how to become a leader.

Losing Glenn and becoming a leader

When Negan brutally murdered Glenn, Maggie went to Hilltop to receive help from their doctor and stationed herself there to hide from Negan.

Despite losing her husband, she somehow became stronger and eventually became the leader of Hilltop. Maggie first shined and made a huge impression on the people of Hilltop when she protected the colony from a walker attack orchestrated by the Saviors. Due to her heroics, she became respected and earned the trust of everyone, except former town leader, Gregory.

Who would have thought that a young farmer girl with very little knowledge about the outside world would become the leader of a crucial community? It’s amazing that she once looked up to Rick and is now leading a group alongside him to help defeat the Saviors. Maggie has probably had the most losses in the show, but she remains strong regardless, making for an interesting story for a magnificent character.