It sounds like something from a science fiction movie, 'Scientists discover real-life hobbits,' something like Jurassic Park with mythical creatures. According to a report by The Independent, back in 2003, scientists discovered that 'hobbits' weren't actually fictitiousness, but that they were real. Fast forward over a decade later and scientists have now discovered where these 'hobbits' originated from.

Originally the 'hobbits' remains were found on an Indonesian island, but it has been debated since then where the 'hobbits' came from. That question can now be answered.

They originated from Africa 1.75 million years ago. They were one of the earliest forms of human. And a sister of the Homo habilis. It is thought that they could have preceded the Homo habilis, making them one of the earliest forms of human.

What did the 'hobbits' look like?

As you would expect, the 'hobbits' found were very small; even smaller than most small adult humans. The average size of these 'hobbits' were around 3.5ft tall. Or more like, 3.5ft short.

They may have been much shorter than your average sized human, however, a recreation of the species has found them to be remarkably similar to man -- A least facially and body wise. They look like a cross between a human and a chimp, or a human and an ape.

An exciting find for science

The discovery of this 'Hobbit' species is an exciting discovery for science. The 'hobbits' give us one of the missing links of human and non-human evolution. The species science name is known as Homo floresiensis.

It also gives us a greater understanding of ancient human history and how our early human ancestors became the dominant species.

Scientists suggest early humans ( Homo sapiens) may have wiped out the 'hobbits' although we do not know whether or not this theory is accuarte yet. What we do know is that the 'hobbit' was a florishing species up until about 50,000 years ago, until they suddenly vanished. Why and how they vanished is a mystery.

There are several possible explanations as to why the species vanished.

One is the theory we have already suggested; that early humans wiped them out. If this is true then early humans could have wiped them out through something like hunting them. Another possible reason that they could have vanished is through disease.

The discovery of these mysterious 'hobbits' is still in infancy and so is the research.