The heart sisters (Ann and Nancy Wilson) have been engaged in a horrible family feud that has driven a major wedge between the sisters for nearly a year, halting all family and buisness relationships.

Heart's Ann and Nancy Wilson continue to be estranged following family domestic case

As previously reported, last August, a major family feud broke out between Nancy and Ann Wilson's families after Ann's husband Dean Wetter was arrested for allegedly physically assaulting her sister Nancy's 16-year-old twin sons. What happened, according to reports, was that the boys were getting bored at a show and asked Wetter if it was okay if they took a look around Wilson's new tour bus.

He said it was okay, but gave strict instructions that they made sure the doors were shut when they exited the bus.

Apparently, teen boys being teen boys and somewhat absent-minded, the door was left ajar and one thing led to another with a hot-headed Dean Wetter losing control of his anger. Reports state he began slapping and throwing punches at the boys, even going as far as grabbing one of them around his throat. The Seattle newspaper reported that following the alleged brutal assault, one of the teen boys complained of a sore, raspy throat, and pain.

Considering the turn of events, one can just imagine the family turmoil it caused between the sisters, who have been estranged for nearly a year following the incident, canceling summer 2017 tour plans.

Wetter will face a Seattle judge on Friday and has been working on a plea deal with his legal staff and will most likely be sentenced to two-years probation, counseling, and therapy. Terms also stated in the probation will include Wetter steering clear of all drugs and alcohol, restitution, and avoiding any future contact with Nancy Wilson's children.

Ann Wilson has expressed that following her husband's court date Friday, hopefully all the bad “feelings all settle down and people can just be adults and talk to each other.” It is not known at this time whether or not Ann and Nancy Wilson will ever be able to move past the family issues and eventually be able to return to work together.

More importantly, it is wondered if these two sisters will ever be able to find the sisterly bond that they once shared.

Since the family drama, Ann has been playing solo dates and Nancy started a new band called Roadcase Royale which is fronted by R&B singer Liv Warfield.

Do you believe Ann and Nancy Wilson will be able to mend their broken family bond?