There is some major family drama going on within the inner family circle of the band Heart's sisters Ann and Nancy Wilson. Ann's husband, Dean Wetter has been arrested for allegedly physically assaulting her 16-year-old twin nephews, which are her sister Nancy's children.

The drama unfolded in Seattle last Friday night during Wilson's concert. It appears the boys were getting a bit antsy and wanted to take a look inside Wilson's brand new tour bus. They asked Wetter for permission, which he gave them, but after the boys were finished looking around, they exited the bus and forgot to make sure the door was shut behind them.

Wilson sisters of Heart endure family drama!

This apparently set off Dean Wetter's temper and according to reports he began slapping and throwing punches at the boys, even going as far as grabbing one of them around his throat. The Seattle newspaper reports that following the brutal assault, one of the teens are now complaining of a sore, raspy throat, with insufferable pain.

Wetter was arrested in Seattle and taken to King County Jail in Kent Washington where he was booked on assault charges. He was reportedly released on Monday after posting a $10,000 bond and was scheduled to appear in court on Wednesday afternoon. The twins are the sons of Ann's sister and musical partner Nancy Wilson and ex-husband Cameron Crowe.

People magazine posts that Ann's rep commented on the situation stating that the incident is a private family matter, and they are asking for complete privacy at this time.

Nancy Wilson's twin sons attacked!

It is unknown at this time as to how the family plans on moving past this sad, and violent incident within their tight-knit family circle, or how Ann and Nancy's relationship may, or may not suffer due to this tragic act of violence among family.

It is hoped that Ann and Nancy's sisterly and business relationship will remain intact. Hopefully, help and forgiveness, along with some family counseling will aid the family in moving past this terrible ordeal.