"Grey's Anatomy" showrunner, Shonda Rhimes and executive producer Debbie Allen, confirm that the season 13 finale, which airs Thursday, April 13, will be "on fire." According to Wetpaint, Allen, who also plays Catherine Avery on the series, said a few weeks ago that the finale episode is "hot."

Does Meredith die in the plane crash?

The actress who plays Meredith Grey, Ellen Pompeo teased that characters from "Grey's Anatomy" don't have that great of luck surviving plane crashes on the show. Was that a hint that she would die on the season 13 finale?

The show will go on until Ellen Pompeo decides it's over, according to a recent report. The series is about Meredith, so it would be difficult to continue if she left the show. Since the series was picked up for season 14, it's pretty safe to assume that Meredith won't die. However, the "Grey's Anatomy" fans are on edge, and won't be able to relax until the show airs this evening.

Will Meredith and Riggs make it work?

Another theory has said that maybe after the crash (or plane turbulence), Meredith will get a new perspective.

Rather than kill her off, many "Grey's Anatomy" fans think she will make a decision about her relationship with Riggs. Maybe, she will finally tell her sister, Maggie about her relationship with Riggs and stop hiding it. At any rate, whatever happens to Meredith on the finale, it will likely be action-packed and emotional.

Filming photos show a fire at Grey's Memorial

Someone caught a picture of "Grey's Anatomy" filming last month, and it looked like there was a fire in the hospital. There were multiple fire trucks outside with an orange glow coming from the building.

Debbie Allen revealed that they filmed at night for a few days with a few of them running through the night.

She added that the end result is a near-perfect season finale episode.

It's going to be explosive!

No matter what happens, it's pretty safe to assume that it will be explosive. Allen previewed that the finale will lead to season 14 storylines. She believes that the "Grey's Anatomy" fans will love the episode, but warns to the "could be " emotional.

It looks like everyone is in danger on 'Grey's Anatomy." Who will die, it's hard to say because the ABC prime time drama likes to shock the viewers, which makes it difficult to predict the outcome?

One thing is sure about the finale, it will be a great episode, and you should stock up on Kleenex.

"Grey's Anatomy" fans, do you think Meredith will die?

Will she and Riggs make it work? Will there be a fire?

"Grey's Anatomy" airs Thursday evening on ABC at 8.7c.