When Universal released first official trailers for their upcoming reboot “The Mummy,” the internet went wild. The film is filled with fantastic, supernatural, action scenes all masterly performed by our favorite action-movie actor Tom Cruise.

Scheduled on June 9, this movie will be one of the many reboots, remakes and superhero movies we will get to enjoy this year. Interestingly, people are not getting tired of it. After we saw “Beauty and theBeast,” “Logan” and “Kong: Skull Island,” let’s see what we know about the upcoming “The Mummy.”

Ancient evil princess wants to re-make the world

This story is about an ancient Egyptian princess Ahmanet who was about to become the Queen of Egypt.

However, the princess got a bit too comfortable with killing people with knives, and she had to be punished. Her punishment was rather harsh for she was buried alive. Centuries later, explorer Nick Morton (Tom Cruise) found her prison tomb beneath the desert. Though he was warned to leave it alone, Nick’s curiosity made him explore it all the way. He cut some ropes and found the mummified corpse in a scary coffin. In an attempt to transfer the mummy, the plane crashes, and Nick dies.The next thing we see is Nick coming back to life, and we just know that mummy has something to do with it. Ahmanet brakes free and she is filled with rage. However, she is nothing like those typical villains who want to destroy the world.

No, her desire is to re-make it.

This movie is much different from the “Mummy/Scorpion King” series starringDwayne Johnson and Brendan Fraser. For one thing, the action is not only focused on deserts of Egypt. We see a lot of action in various parts of the world and in London, which is being destroyed by this female mummy monster.

UniversalMonsters Cinematic Universe’s upcoming movies about famous deviants

It is important to note that this is not an ordinary reboot. “The Mummy” 2017 is a symbol of the official beginning of the Universal Monsters Cinematic Universe. It is similar to Marvel’s Cinematic Universe but will not be starring superheroes. Instead, we will get to enjoy series of movies with famous literary deviants.

As for the cast, we already know that Tom Cruise plays curious scientist Nick Morton. Sofia Boutella is beautiful, evil princess of Egypt - Ahmanet and Russell Crowe is Dr.Henry Jekyll. Annabelle Wallis, Jake Johnson, and Courtney B.Vance are also starring in the movie and Alex Kurtzman, ChrisMorgan, and Sean Daniel are producing.