According to 'Celeb dirty laundry,' 'General Hospital' spoilers have announced an exit date for Jane Elliot. May 4th is supposed to be her last episode as Tracy Quartermaine. Rumors of a Luke Tracy reunion are still unconfirmed. There had been a story circulating that Tracy would find Luke in Turkey, but that was not accurate. Tony Geary was photographed on the set during Jane Elliot's final episode, but no one is saying if she were only visiting or shooting scenes. As of today's episode viewers still have no clue, how Ms. Q will exit her role.

The last of the greats

When Tracy goes off into the sunset, Monica will be the only long-term cast member of GH, and she is on recurring status. All the key players on the show, as well as the doctors and nurses at the hospital, are of a younger generation. There will be no one on contract, who has been with the show from the beginning days. The Quartermaine mansion just will not be the same. And neither will the Thanksgiving dinner, which always ends up being pizza.The thought of Ned and Olivia or Dillon and Keke running things is simply not appealing.

The fate of General Hospital

'General Hospital' is one of only four daytime drama's that still air on network television. With cable and the Internet, younger viewers do not watch the soaps as did past generations.

Once fan favorite Jane Elliot is gone, there will be a void. Will the show be able to continue, without one major leading character? Probably it will.

"The Young and the Restless" continues without the strong presence of Katherine Chancellor. When her portrayer Jeanie Cooper passed, the pain was real. Fans and cast mates felt the loss.

Time has brought some healing. Family members still utilize the Chancellor mansion. Now and then Mrs. C is mentioned, but the show rolled on. GH could go on in the same way. There will be the initial pain of missing Tracy. And without a real Quartermaine, it will feel vastly different. In time General Hospital will recover.

And move along without Jane Elliot, for as long as the series lasts.

For now, the suspense, and anticipation is growing because fans do not know what to expect. Luke or no Luke continues to be the major issue. All viewers can do is tune in each day, until the May 4th episode airs. It will be interesting watching to see what direction Tracy will go off into. There has been no mention of her character dying. For this reason, hope springs eternal in the hearts of fans, that Anthony Geary's presence on set, indicates a fitting ending ..for the final days of Tracy Quartermaine.