"General Hospital" spoilers are coming out, and it turns out that Jake is about to reveal who the scarecrow is that he drew in his picture. Jason has been trying to find out if there is a scarecrow on Cassadine Island or what is really going on. Spoilers are that Jake is going to end up telling Franco who the scarecrow is and this could change a lot of things.

Jake's big reveal is coming

Right now Jason and Sam are working hard with Franco and Elizabeth to figure out what happened to Jake. They know he went through a lot while he was on Cassadine Island and they want to know what happened.

Now, it turns out that Jake is going to admit that the scarecrow happens to be his dad Jason Morgan. Everything thought that Jake and Jason were both dead for years, so now that it turns out that there is an entire story that nobody knows about.

This is all going to end up happening during May sweeps, so it isn't very far away. There will be a lot about Jake's backstory, but now it will also be Jason's story. Everyone has been wondering what went down while they were gone for so long. These storylines can be a bit confusing because it is like they are changing history on the show, but this has been happening a lot lately.

So what went down while they were there? Jake is going to explain it all to Franco according to spoilers.

He will tell him that Jason was friends with Helena Cassadine and was the scarecrow who protected her from people who didn't like her. He will also admit that he was the little boy behind the tree in the picture that he drew. He will even admit something pretty shocking saying that he saw his dad killing people to protect her.

It sounds like Jake is really scared of this side of Jason. He does realize this is his dad but seems to think that he has changed and all is good now with him. This may change a few things and explain why Jake actually trusts Franco so much and wants to talk to him about everything that is going on.

After all of this goes down, Jason Morgan may have to decide to let Franco be the one who Jake talks to about stuff.

If he is scared of Jason, he is going to want to do everything he can to fix that issue. Letting him talk to Franco may be the only way that they can make this work out.

Are you shocked to hear that Jason Morgan is the scarecrow? What do you think this means for his relationship with his son? Sound off in the comments section below on your thoughts, and don't miss new episodes of "General Hospital" weekdays on ABC.