After the United States military dropped the largest non-nuclear bomb in history in Afghanistan last week, the reaction from the media was mixed. While one host on Fox News gave an enthusiastic and positive response to the news, praising Donald Trump in the process, comedic talk show host John Oliver decided to chime in.

Fox News on Oliver

After over two months in the White House dealing with mostly domestic policy issues, as well as the growing Russian scandal, Donald Trump has spent the month of April overwhelmed by foreign policy. It started after Syrian President Bashar al-Assad decided to launch a deadly chemical weapons attack on his own people, leading to the deaths of innocent women and children.

Trump responded less than 48 hours later by ordering the military to fire dozens of tomahawk cruise missiles at an airbase in Syria. Just a week later and the former host of "The Apprentice" dropped the aforementioned bomb, known as the "Mother Of All Bombs," in Afghanistan, targeting a tunnel used by the Islamic State (ISIS) resulting in a reported 94 terrorists fighters being killed. When the issue was brought up last week on "Fox & Friends" on Fox News, Geraldo Rivera was thrilled with what took place, as he admitted that watching "bad guys" get bombed is one of his favorite things about his job. John Oliver then went on to mock Rivera during his show this past Sunday night, with the Fox News host responding during a April 17 Twitter post.

John Oliver trolled Geraldo Rivera for not only cheered the recent bombing of ISIS, but also for comparing Donald Trump to a high school bully, while attempting to make the case for why that's a good thing.

On his social media page, Rivera took a shot back at Oliver, and appeared frustrated in the process.

Rivera's response

"To John Oliver #moab killed 90+ #ISIS.

Remember them?," Geraldo Rivera wrote on Twitter. "Baby killing terrorists, throat cutting savages who rape & burn religious minorities?" Rivera continued in reference to the ISIS terrorist group. This isn't the first time Oliver has caught heat for going after Fox News, as the host is not shy about his liberal political views, which he often takes out on right-wing and conservative media, with the popular cable news station being at the top of the list. As of press time, Oliver has not yet offered response to Rivera, which would most likely take place during his television program "Last Week Tonight with John Oliver" which airs every Sunday night on HBO.