Johnny Depp is a world famous star especially after the "Pirates of the Caribbean" series. Amber Heard is also an upcoming actress, and the two have an age difference of 23 years. The marriage between the duo lasted 3 years, and now they have divorced. Johnny Depp was in a relationship earlier with Vanessa Paradis, a French actress and singer. He has 2 children with her, while Amber has no children. The actress met Johnny during the filming of "The Rum Diary" in 2011, and they started living together. They were married on the 3rd of February, 2015.

The Divorce settlement involves Johnny paying $7 million to Amber. The actress stated that she will use the money to fund two charities which she is passionate about. Johnny is 53 and has settled the divorce with Amber amicably. Earlier Amber had asked the court to issue a restraining order after claims of domestic abuse.


The divorce settlement allows Johnny to retain ownership of real estate assets in America and Paris, as well as a private island in the Bahamas. He will also have custody of some 40 odd cars and bikes, some of which are vintage models. In addition, he will also pay Amber $7 million. The actress will get custody of the two dogs, which created a furor when the couple had taken them to Australia without proper permission.

The couple had a live-in relationship before marrying in a private ceremony.

Allegations and the end

The divorce was granted on the grounds of domestic abuse, which was alleged by Amber. She mentioned that Depp had thrown a phone at her during an argument in February last year. There were other incidents also as alleged, as well.

She had also produced a photograph of a bruised face. In return for the divorce and settlement, Amber dropped the restraining order on Johnny Depp. Both are now free to go their own way and no further alimony is involved. For her part, Amber stated that she will donate the entire sum received to the American Civil Liberties Union and Children's Hospital in Los Angles. The couple have separated amicably.