On Sunday night Country Music's royal couple, Faith Hill and Tim Mcgraw wowed fans at the Academy of Country Music Awards. The duo steamed up the awards show, when they debuted their new song, "Speak To A Girl." Fans were very receptive to the rousing performance. McGraw and Hill ended the duet with a steamy kiss after Faith Hill jumped into her husband's arms. The audience could feel the heat, and gave them a standing ovation. The couple seem so much younger than their years, and were glowing as they looked lovingly into each others eyes as they performed together -- genuinely in love with each other even after all this time.

A marriage made in heaven

In an industry where adultery and divorce is the norm, Tim McGraw and his wife are a refreshing difference. The couple have been married for close to 21 years, and have 3 daughters. In addition to singing as a couple, they each have successful solo country music careers. Hill and McGraw also sing the theme song from the movie, "The Shack." The name of the song is "Keep My Eyes On You." The couple often speak about their Christian faith, and it seems as far as celebrity marriages go, theirs was made in heaven. There has never been a report of either of the McGraw's cheating or involved in any other scandal. As far as I know every review of them over the years has been positive.

The darlings of country music

McGraw and Hill are considered the darlings of country music. Their individual and joint successes are inspiring. The couple plan to release a series of duet albums, and "Speak To A Girl" is the first single. The albums are as yet untitled, and the dynamic duo will embark on a Soul to Soul tour later this year.

The charismatic personalities of this couple have given them crossover appeal. They are respected for their longevity in music as well as their relationship. Tim McGraw and Faith Hill's ACMA performance had a special meaning for them. It was 20 years from the very first time they performed together at the awards show.