We haven’t even hit the 100-day mark yet and it’s happening. The premiere of a new satirical show devoted to The Donaldwas announced to premiere last Friday. Debuting on April 27th on Comedy Central and airing on Thursdays at 11:30 p.m. following “The Daily Show,” “The President Show” is expected to bring roaring laughter at the reality star businessman turned president’s expense.

Comedy Central Continues to Mock the White House

The new comedy will star Donald Trump impersonator, Anthony Atamanuik, who is known to parody the new president on “@midnight” and during the live “Trump vs.

Bernie” debate tour that visited 40 cities. On his new show that will be replacing “The Nightly Show with Larry Witmore” Atamanuik mentions that, “Laughing at the president is a proud American tradition and we hope not to disappoint anyone in that department. But our political system is too broken for us to be content joking about one man, even though he is a disastrous silly little toddler boy.”

Although the president has been the target of many late-night comics recently, “The President Show” prides itself on raising the bar for the trending Trump character as of late. Standing alongside Atamanuik will be comic Peter Grosz who will be portraying Vice President Mike Pence.

Grosz is known for his roles on “Veep” and “The Colbert Report.”

Why You Should Tune In

The show will be featuring hilarious bits from a talk show broadcasted by President Trump from the Oval Office including desk segments, field pieces, and guest interviews. Atamanuik exclaims, “I’d mostly like to thank Comedy Central for giving us this platform to speak truth to power and, if we’re lucky, end up in prison!”

Not only that, but “The President Show” is also executively produced by Atamanuik, and Grosz as well as Adam Pally, Jason Ross (“The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon” and “The Daily Show with Jon Stewart”), Olivia Gerke, Josh Lieberman, and Greg Walter (3 Arts Entertainment). It’s a show produced, directed, and acted by the true experts of the Trump persona.