Yesterday was the birthday of retired Actress and singer Doris Day. The retired Hollywood star thought that she was turning 93, but it turns out that that was not her real age. It turns out that Day is actually 95-years-old, as she herself and various media outlets who have covered her did not know her actual age, though they estimated that it was between 93 and 95.

Finding out her real age

Doris Day had apparently never really bothered to know her exact age, as she said in a statement the day before her birthday that she never paid attention to birthdays and that age was just a number.

Still, she said that it was great news to learn her real age. So, how exactly did this happen? The Associated Press (AP) ended the mystery by obtaining a copy of Day's birth certificate from the Office of Vital Statistics from her birth state of Ohio. According to the copy, her actual birth date is April 3rd, 1922. Day's spokesman said in a statement that the story he heard is that at one point Day's age got written incorrectly on an audition form when she was younger, leading to all the confusion.

In the company of other 95 or older stars

With Doris Day now being 95-years-old, she is in the distinguished company of other legendary Hollywood stars who are that age. Day's friends. actor, director and producer Carl Reiner and actress Betty White are both 95.

Actress, singer and dancer Nanette Fabray is also 95. Actress, comedian, dancer and singer Carol Channing is 96, while actor Kirk Douglas and actress Olivia de Havilland are 100.

Day's birthday wish

Doris Day has been a longtime supporter of animal well-being. Since she retired from acting this has been her major focus, with the Doris Day Animal Foundation being established in 1978 to give out money to groups that help animals in some way.

This year she used her fame and social media to raise awareness for her foundation by encouraging people to use certain hashtags with pictures or video of their pets in a social media campaign. The best of these would be made into a digital birthday card for her.