Most people know that President Donald Trump Tweets a lot. Even before he became president, he tweeted while on the campaign trail, but people thought he would be forced to stop tweeting after he became the 45th President of the United States. However, President Trump tweets just as much now as he did before. What is news to some people is that the National Archives and Records Administration has told the White House that every tweet the president posts has to be kept. Even it he deletes or corrects the tweets, they will go into the archives and will always be preserved as a part of history.

All tweets will be saved

According to David S. Ferriero, head of the archives, the White House has assured him that all of Trump's tweets are being saved. This is to comply with the Presidential Records Act that requires all correspondences, including tweets, to be preserved for history. The White House officials were reminded of the act and the requirement on February 2.

It has not been revealed how Trump's tweets will be saved. An automated system kept all of former President Barack Obama's tweets. President Trump's many tweets might be kept the same way. Last month, two senators, Claire McCaskill of Missouri and Tom Carper of Delaware had questions about the president's deleted tweets.

Trump's habit of tweeting

Trump uses both the White House Twitter account and his private account almost daily even though he has been criticized for using both by the media and by other politicians. Trump loves to tweet, and it appears that he does it whenever and wherever. For example, three minutes before he took the Oath of Office on January 20, Trump took time out to tweet from his private account a message to the American people.

Unfortunately, there was a misspelled word in the tweet, and it was eventually deleted.

Do you think President Trump will ever stop tweeting so much now that the White House has been told that it is a requirement that all his tweets be archived even if he deletes them?