Nerf guns are child’s play compared to the homemade high-pressure air gun created by Josef Raszier, 35, who was charged with criminal homicide for killing his ex-lover on September 13, 2016. Raszier allegedly shot a homemade metal projectile at 46-year-old Stephanie Roof, in the driveway of her Lower Macungie Township home.

The makings of murder

Raszier constructed his weapon using air tanks, copper tubing and piping, an air gun trigger, and lead, all of which were found at his home along with receipts shortly after the murder. Along with the physical evidence found, investigators also discovered searches on his computer such as "high pressure air pump gun,” “high-pressure air pump rifles,” and “most powerful air rifle,” leaving an incriminating trail as each search matched the profile of the suspected murder weapon.

Authorities also believe Raszier drove to Schuylkill County where his parents reside to practice firing his weapon of mass destruction. Although Lehigh County District Attorney, Jim Martin, claims the actual weapon has not been found yet, authorities were able to recreate the suspected weapon based on witness accounts and evidence found. Witnesses reported hearing sounds similar to a nail gun being fired on the lake house property on September 9th and 10th, days before Roof’s slaying. Additionally, two projectiles similar to those found at the crime scene were found on the property.

Martin believes this to be a unique case. One that is required to show the feasibility of making an air gun that could shoot a projectile like the one found at the crime scene.

This type of projectile would be able to penetrate the human body, ultimately leading to death.

The tragic facts

Roof, a mother of four, was found shot in the chest while her live-in boyfriend scrambled to perform CPR in an attempt to revive her. Roof had reportedly ended the relationship she had with Raszier during the summer of 2015, a decision Raszier found unacceptable.

Due to his anger and jealousy, he decided to seek revenge.

Originally, Raszier denied knowing Roof closely but eventually admitted to his relationship with her. Sources say Raszier was obsessed with Roof as he allegedly sent her over 3,400 text messages after their split. No public defender has been assigned to the case yet despite Raszler applying for one. Raszier remains in jail without bond, and there will be a preliminary hearing scheduled for April 12.