When it comes to Chad Johnson, everyone knows that he is great for drama. It was assumed that Chad would be back on "Bachelor in Paradise" this summer. He is also on the show "Famously Single" that will be airing on E! soon. On this show, Chad will try to figure out why he is single and if there is a way to fix that slump he is in and find love. Now, Chad is sharing if he will be on "Bachelor in Paradise" as well.

Chad Johnson's television future

Chad Johnson actually went to his Twitter page and shared saying, "Just got confirmation that I won't be on #BachelorInParadise this year.

All the girls were already texting me @Millsy11374 @fleissmeister." The fans were really shocked to hear that Chad wouldn't be back because everyone was expecting it. He didn't admit to finding love, either, so it doesn't sound like that is the reason.

The fans were replying to Chad Johnson, and a lot of them are not happy with this decision. Some even said that they won't be watching "Bachelor in Paradise" if Chad Johnson isn't there. Someone asked if it could mean that Chad is going to be cast as the next guy on "The Bachelor" instead, but that would be surprising if that happened.

Right now, they are filming "The Bachelorette," so things could end up changing between now and when they start filming "Bachelor in Paradise." They will end up picking up a few guys from Rachel Lindsay's season for sure, so that might have left it where there wasn't room for Chad to be part of the show.

The fans would love to see Chad back, but the show has really upset a few people with being about drama and not about finding love, so this could be part of why they didn't bring him back again.

Are you surprised to hear that Chad Johnson won't be on "Bachelor in Paradise" this season? Do you feel like he should be? Sound off in the comments section below on your thoughts, and don't miss the new season of "Bachelor in Paradise" this summer on ABC. You can watch Nick Viall on Monday nights on "Dancing With the Stars" right now and then "The Bachelorette" will start in May.