The story came out when Matthew Perry was on “Jimmy Kimmel Live” last month. Kimmel and Perry got to chatting about how the former “Friends” star is “half-Canadian.” The host then mentioned he had heard Perry was at school with the Canadian Prime Minister, justin trudeau.

Matthew Perry beat up Justin Trudeau

Perry says he was indeed at elementary school with Trudeau when he was around 10 years of age and was a couple of years ahead of now P.M. While he said he was ashamed to say this, he told Kimmel he and a friend once beat up Trudeau.

Perry said he’s not bragging about it, but he thinks Trudeau was excelling at a sport in which they were not, so it was pretty much jealousy.

He went on to say it was a terrible idea and that he was a stupid kid at the time. He didn’t really want to beat Trudeau up.

Kimmel mentioned that Trudeau’s father was the Canadian Prime Minister at that time and Perry responded he didn’t think that was the reason they beat him up. Basically, Perry said he was the only kid in the school that they could beat up. Kimmel asked if they had Secret Service there protecting the children of their Prime Minister, but according to Perry this wasn’t the case. Kimmel joked that if that was now – and the kid was Barron Trump – he’d be in the stockade right now, or in Russia somewhere.

Matthew then went on to brag that maybe he was instrumental in Trudeau going to great heights and becoming Prime Minister.

He said the beating may have made Trudeau wish to rise above the situation.

Matthew Perry invited to a rematch by Justin Trudeau

As reported by CNN, on Saturday – some two weeks down the line from that interview – Trudeau has issued a friendly challenge to Perry on Twitter, saying he had been giving the matter some thought.

He asked who hasn’t wanted to punch Chandler (Perry’s character on “Friends") and challenged Perry to a rematch.

Reportedly Perry hasn’t yet responded to the invitation. It does have to be borne in mind that Saturday was April Fools’ Day, so maybe Trudeau’s friendly challenge should be taken with a pinch of salt.