While officially April Fool's is on a Saturday this year, one fourth grade teacher decided to prank his students a little early. Joe Dombrowski came up with a plan to create a whole series of crazy fake words which he then used in a spelling quiz. To add to the confusion, Dombrowski then gave the students a series of elaborate sentences, using those fake words. According to CBS Local, when the teacher told the kids they were about to have a pop quiz, he made it scarier by saying they only had a few minutes to answer. With 10 words, some containing mysterious silent letters, it wasn’t an easy task for the students – especially as those words don’t exist in any known dictionary.

In a world of ‘blorskee’ and ‘tangateen’

The Inquisitr reports the teacher managed to keep a straight face right through the April Fool's spelling quiz. As he read out the words, he told the students to grade their own spelling along the way. He then used each fake word in a complicated sentence, just to make things a tad harder. One example is the wonderful word “blorskee,” which he put into context saying “I lost my blorskee at a carnival.” Readers can hear the whole range of Dombrowski’s creative vocabulary in the video a little further down on this page.

Early April Fool's joke on the kids

A video of the prank reveals that some of the students got pretty agitated, especially as they realize the spelling has no relationship the actual sound of the words.

Once all the kids had completed grading their “spelling” tests, the teacher told them to check out the 11th word. All the kids, in unison, told him there was no number 11. This prompted Dombrowski to gleefully throw up his hands and finally admit the whole thing was an April Fool's. Of course one bright spark immediately pointed out that it wasn’t even April yet.

The teacher – who reportedly likes to use a “very active” teaching style to keep the kids more engaged – then went on to tell his students to hand in their tests and that it would be on their report cards.

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