Blake Shelton and Miranda Lambert have been divorced a while, and both have moved on to date new people. Now it sounds like, Blake has fears that Miranda may never stop singing about him. Her latest album is something she wrote from the heart, but it is all about her split from Blake and the heartbreak that came with it.

What Blake Shelton fears

Hollywood Life shared that even though Blake has moved on, he is haunted by their relationship in Miranda's music. Of course, Blake is going to hear her songs here and there. An insider shared that Blake is actually okay with Miranda and said, "Blake [Shelton] is genuinely happy for all of Miranda [Lambert]‘s success." The thing is there are a few things that bother him.

The source went on to say, "Blake is not surprised at all that Miranda wrote so many hit songs about her heartbreak because their marriage was full of passion, drinking and love. All the things that make for a great country song.”

The source went on to explain that Blake has moved on. He is with Gwen Stefani and doing "The Voice." He is allegedly afraid that Miranda has enough material for several more albums and that she will be singing songs about him for a while. The source says he is hopeful she finds something else to Sing about other than just him forever. Miranda does have a new relationship with Anderson East going, and so hopefully that will give her something else to write about other than just Blake and their past.

Right now, things are looking great for Blake Shelton and Miranda Lambert both. They have moved on, and their careers are doing well. Both have found love with someone new. Maybe it will be time for them to move on and sing about something other than each other. Everyone loves a song about heartbreak, but they also love a song about a happy ending, which they got just not with each other.

Do you think that Blake Shelton should be worried Miranda will always sing about him? Do you think that her next album will be less about heartbreak? Sound off in the comments section below on your thoughts.